#1 Top Leading WordPress Page Builder | Elementor Review (2022)

Elementor Page Builder: Review 2022

#1 Free WordPress Website Builder

In a Nutshell

Elementor is a very popular page builder for WordPress. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, comes with many templates and widgets, and is relatively cost-effective. Elementor is a popular choice because of its simple user interface. It’s much easier and more powerful than the WordPress interface.

Elementor Pros and Cons


  • Streamlines the WordPress site creation process
  • Offers excellent design flexibility across the board
  • Comes with a tidy, feature-rich editor


  • Can be confusing to get started with
  • Limited SEO tools
  • Requires a hosting account and a WordPress site

Ideal For

Elementor’s website builder is a great option for WordPress.org users and developers who need to access a more powerful editor. It has a simple drag-and drop interface that allows customization to be done in (WYSIWYG).

Why Go with Elementor

Elementor, a WordPress website-building tool that offers more design flexibility and customization than the native editor, is very appealing. The interface is intuitive and powerful. There are many integrations with third-party applications and plugins.

The Bottom Line: Elementor is the best choice if you are looking for an affordable and simple WordPress page builder plugin.

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Elementor Features

Elementor is a top-rated WordPress plugin that allows you to create pages quickly and easily. Pro users will be able to access a library of more than 300 designs. Additionally, you have access to more than 90 widgets for adding functionality to your site. You also have access to a theme builder that allows creating your own templates.


You also have a variety of marketing tools available, such as a landing page generator. You can create your own forms using the flexible popup builder. Add actionable links to encourage people to take specific actions. Website-building beginners will appreciate the fact that you don’t need any coding knowledge. You can however add custom CSS code to your website if you need it. This is an excellent feature for more technical users.

Developer API is another option that will appeal more to advanced users. You can use this API to build your own themes, add-ons and other programs to enhance the functionality on your Elementor site.

Elementor recently added native WordPress hosting to their platform. This feature allows you to create marketing funnels, share your ideas with others, and integrates with many third-party applications.

Elementor pro pricing

Elementor offers both a highly functional, free plan and five premium subscription options. The free plan gives you access to the majority of page builders, as well as over 40 widgets and 30 templates.

Premium plans cost between $49 and $999 annually. There are a variety of premium subscription options. Each one can host a number of websites, ranging from one site to 1000. Premium plans include VIP support and the ability create an Elementor Expert profile to show off your work.

Premium plans come with a set of shared features. These include over 90 widgets, 300 templates, superior support and a theme-builder. You will also find a popup maker, an integrated WooCommerce storebuilder, and many other tools.

Elementor Customization

Elementor makes customizing a website a quick and easy process. The editor is section-based and allows you drag and drop elements exactly where you want them. You should note that the editor offers a WYSIWYG (what you see is exactly what you get) interface. This allows for you to monitor changes in realtime.

There are many tools you can use for fine-tuning each page’s layout and color schemes. You can upload content or add other elements. Save global elements to reuse on other pages.

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Payment Processing

Elementor doesn’t provide native payment processing and payment gateway integrations. In order to accept payments via your website, you’ll need to add Stripe or PayPal as a payment gateway. A free PayPal button widget is available that you can quickly and easily add.

Elementor SEO Tools

Elementor’s native search engines optimization (SEO), tools are very limited. There are many actions you can do on-page to optimize your site, including adding metadata and titles tags.

Third-party plugins are required to access deeper functionality and more advanced tools. Elementor offers seamless integrations with Yoast SEO (and Rank Math), two of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins.

You will be able to access a variety of advanced SEO tools directly from the Elementor editor if you choose to use them. You can also access these apps from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Customer Support Services

Elementor’s customer service services are basic, all things considered. The help center is available to all users, and includes a wide range of resources for self-help. You will find excellent videos tutorials, FAQs and many articles on various topics. To get assistance from other members, you can also post questions to the Facebook group.

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Premium support is included in all paid plans. This allows you to ask questions of Elementor staff. Unfortunately, it can take up to one day for responses, which can prove frustrating. VIP support is available for Studio and Agency plans that are higher-end. This includes live chat and a response time of 30 minutes.

Review in Short

Elementor is a high-quality, reliable WordPress page building solution that targets those with limited web design and development experience. It is easy to see why Elementor is one of the most widely used WordPress page builder plugins.

The site is supported by an array of outstanding features as well as a user-friendly, intuitive editing interface. Simply drag and drop elements to customize your site. There are many integrations, widgets, as well as other tools you can use to create additional functionality.


Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder plugin. Elementor offers drag-and-drop editing and a variety of tools for creating websites. Although the free version is fully functional, it’s limited in functionality. Upgrade to a premium plan to unlock additional tools.

Elementor cannot be used alone as a website builder. Elementor is only compatible with WordPress.org websites. This means you will need to have some type of web hosting, a domain and an existing WordPress website before you can test it.

Go to: elementor.com



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