Best Email Automation Platform — GetResponse Review: Price, Pros and Cons (2022)

GetResponse: Email Marketing Software Review

It is vital to maintain contact with potential customers and visitors, regardless of whether you are doing business online or offline. This is a crucial component of any marketing strategy. A good email marketing tool will help you optimize your online business and make the best use of the resources you have. You can target specific visitors by using automation, contact

What service is able to live up to its advertising promises? To help you make an informed choice, we have taken a look at several well-respected and well-known email service providers. We’ll be reviewing GetResponse.

What is GetResponse

GetResponse is an email service provider with Polish roots. While some servers of the company are still located in Poland, GetResponse now has 350,000 clients around the globe. This allows the company to make a name in the US and be considered one of the leading email marketing providers. Access to extensive marketing automation and newsletter features is available, along with client management, statistics, optimization, and marketing optimization.

One of GetResponse’s most unique features, however, is its Conversion Funnel (formerly known as Autofunnel), which allows users to create special landing pages for automated subscriber-generating processes, or optimizing sales. We’ll show you what else GetResponse can do and what it has difficulties doing.

Pros and Cons


  • Customizable dashboard
  • Straightforward and logical automations
  • Wide selection of templates supported with a powerful editor
  • Conversion Funnel for campaigns
  • Limited Free Version Feature
  • Highly-detailed statistics and additional features


  • Transactional emails only available as an add-on in the “Max” package

Configuration & Usage

Although GetResponse does not offer a free dedicated version, you can still try the service free of charge for 30 days without having to pay anything. Free Forever Plan

After verifying your email address via a link, the dashboard will be sent to you. You’ll find helpful tips and video tutorials here. VISIT GETRESPONSE

The dashboard is made up of widgets, which can be arranged in any way you like. You could wait until you’ve created your first contact list and campaign to determine which features are most important. Or you can immediately start if you already have an idea of what you need. You can add as many or as little links to your dashboard using the widget library.

Through My Account -> Manage Account you can access basic settings. Thankfully, these include an option for GDPR-compliance, which automatically ensures that all forms you create adhere to the EU’s data protection laws.

You can also verify your email using a link or authenticate the sender address with SPF and DomainKeys. This will increase its deliverability. You can also create and authenticate a domain to host landing pages via a DNS entry. VISIT GETRESPONSE

You can see a list of all the important features by clicking the Menu button at the top left. You can also access various communication and growth tools. You’ll also find Integration & API where you can track all your plugins and integrations.

GetResponse offers a variety of plugins and integrations that can be used with services such as WooCommerce, Magento Payments, Amazon Payments or PayPal. This allows you to not only integrate forms into your CMS but also link customer data from your payment system or shopping system. You can also monitor your customers’ behavior to increase your conversion rate.

You can create individual connections through GetResponse API. There are many guides available in GetResponse’s help center. VISIT GETRESPONSE

Overall, getting started with GetResponse shouldn’t be difficult. You can get started immediately by registering with the email address you use. Don’t expect to spend hours tweaking settings to make everything work. GetResponse is ready to go right out of the package.

The interface is simple and clear, and all settings are accessible within two clicks. We especially liked the ability to add/remove widgets from the dashboard. This section will be covered in the Tracking & Statistics section. It won’t take hours to ensure GDPR-compliance thanks to the individual data privacy agreements and double opt ins for newsletters.

GetResponse has mastered the art of balancing features with clarity and design. It is our winning combination.

Score: 10/10

Adding Email Contacts

GetResponse offers five methods to create and import email addresses and contact data.

  • Inputting Email manually
  • Uploading a file with contact data
  • Importing them from a service (ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Constant Contact or AWeber)
  • Copying and pasting them from a file
  • Importing them through an integration or plugin (for example, Google Contacts, Magento or Zendesk)

GetResponse has almost all methods for importing contacts data into its interface, as you can see. Even for the simpler options like manually entering contact information, the service adds sophistication by allowing users to define fields and assign contacts automatically.

The main menu allows you to access the Forms and Surveys Tab. This tab lets you create sign up forms for collecting subscriber data and email addresses. The List Builder Wizard allows you to create forms and drag-and-drop functionality. You can also integrate GetResponse builder apps like the Download or Shake boxes.

You don’t have to use the list builder. You can upload your own form in HTML code. Or link it directly with Facebook, Joomla Drupal WordPress or PrestaShop.

GetResponse provides native webform applications that can be accessed via the Integrations menu. VISIT GETRESPONSE

GetResponse allows you to create completely new forms using the form editor. This may seem too difficult, so you can start with one the many design templates. You can then customize it to suit your preferences. It is easy to use, as you can include as many fields or elements as you wish.

In addition to this, you can create custom landing pages which you can use for contact information. These landing pages can be used as your own domain, if necessary. The Landing Page Creator, which is identical to the form editor, offers many templates to choose from and other methods to create pages.

Integrating double opt-ins, tracking, and reCAPTCHAS can all be done seamlessly. GetResponse has all the necessary features and allows you to easily create professional-looking forms, landing pages, surveys and pages.

Conversion Funnel is one of the most unique features in GetResponse. It links targeted landing pages with lead magnets you can customize. This allows you to optimize your contact list creation and sales. The tool can also be used to optimize targeted campaigns. It’s easy to see why this tool is so popular. VISIT GETRESPONSE

GetResponse , as its website states, “does all of the heavy lifting” when it comes to creating lists and collecting contact data. Users have access to a great selection of tools and features.

The service’s editor, wizard, and builders are very powerful and offer many options. You can do almost everything to improve your communication with customers and visitors to your website thanks to the integration of many fields, individual fields and user groups.

Score: 10/10

Sending Emails

GetResponse gives you four options for communicating with your subscribers.

  • Email Marketing (classic newsletters, A/B tests, and RSS-to-email)
  • Autoresponder (for automatic emails generated after subscribing to a newsletter)
  • Automation (for automatic processes, sequences, and transactional emails)
  • Webinars (for communicating directly, in real-time)

You can quickly and easily create classic newsletters. The Email Marketing section allows you to create a test campaign that uses different templates. This can give you insights into which marketing strategy is most effective. This can help you to optimize your communication with your customers and audience. This is not all. You can also configure RSS feeds so that they are automatically sent to your customers at a specific time.

GetResponse greatly eases the creation and configuration of autoresponders and newsletters. Additionally, you can save all your custom templates and can easily add HTML code or create text-based emails. You can easily find the right template by categorizing them. VISIT GETRESPONSE

The Newsletter Creator works in the same way as the form editor and landing page creator, and takes the stress out of creating a newsletter. This is due to its drag and dropped functionality. You can arrange any element you like, and view a preview of how it looks. Some templates are responsive which means that they can be viewed on mobile devices.

It’s possible to create workflows under Automation. You can choose from a variety of templates depending on what you plan to do. You can create simple workflows to send thank you or welcome messages, just like in the Autoresponder section.

GetResponse has a workflow editor that allows you to respond to specific events involving your subscribers and contacts. The extensive tagging/tracking options allow you to respond to specific events.

You should remember transactional emails that are sent when certain conditions are met in your website store are not included in the most affordable package and must be paid separately. GetResponse might be the best choice for you if this functionality is important to you but you don’t need to be involved in high-volume marketing campaigns. VISIT GETRESPONSE

Although it may appear overwhelming at first glance, you will soon get used it. The editor is intuitive, well-structured and provides a variety of options.

GetResponse’s unique feature is its ability to integrate live and on demand webinars. These webinars are a great way to add value to your customer relations efforts. They can also be easily integrated into campaigns and funnels. These webinars have two purposes: they help you communicate with your customers as well as create contact lists. This makes them an excellent addition to any modern email marketing campaign.

GetResponse forwards you to a confirmation webpage after a newsletter has been sent. In this page you have 60 seconds in which to cancel the dispatch. It is possible to track how recipients open your message in real time once it has been sent. This feature was added because it opens in your current window, not on a separate page.

With GetResponse, you can send emails easily. You have many options to automate and optimize your campaigns. The service is user-friendly, its creators, editors, and builders are excellent, and the variety of templates is outstanding.

Unfortunately, transactional emails are not able to be automated. This feature can be added to any subscription, even the most expensive.

Other than that, not much else to complain about. Our deliverability rate was high and no email we sent fell into a spam folder during testing. VISIT GETRESPONSE

Score: 8.5/10

Tracking & Statistics

GetResponse offers first-class tracking and reports as well as statistics. You can follow your campaign live-tracking in real time by clicking a single button after you have sent an email. Geo-tracking was not able to work during testing, because we couldn’t view any of the locations of our contacts. This could be due to the small number of recipients to which we sent our test messages.

You have the ability to customize your dashboard, as we mentioned earlier in this review. Also, you can add all statistics and reports to your main screen. Below is a screen grab to show you exactly how this looks.

You can also view detailed statistics about individual messages and campaigns. These can be easily compared to similar campaigns by clicking one button. Even if you don’t have any A/B testing, this works great.

GetResponse offers the usual information regarding open and clicked rates, cancellations as well providers, bounces, and other details. Four delivery attempts are made at addresses thought to be soft bounces before they are removed automatically from your mailing address.

Overall, GetResponse’s approach towards statistics, tracking and reports was excellent.

Score: 10/10

GetResponse Support

Live support chat at GetResponse is available 24 hours per day. There’s also an online support ticket system. The latter answered our email in three hours. The FAQ section provides a full-text search that allows users to locate exactly what they are looking for. There are also a variety of helpful guides and tutorials.

Thanks to the tutorial videos, the help center excels. All in all, we were pleased with the many options GetResponse gives for solving problems and getting help.

Score: 8/10

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse has a great free option! You can start growing your list as soon as you sign up, even before any charges are applied. This is great news for both beginners and entrepreneurs.

You might not have a lot of money at the start of your online marketing journey.

You need to start off on the right foot by using marketing tools that get you online quickly without affecting your budget.

Meet GetResponse Free. A suite of free marketing software meant to help your business grow and provide new leads, all at no cost.

If you’re ready for your business and marketing to reach a higher level, upgrade to the premium plan. If you do not upgrade after 30 days, you will get this.

  • Signup forms.
  • Get 500 subscribers.
  • 1 landing page.
  • Unlimited newsletters.
  • Website Builder.
  • Custom domain.

You get an incredible free tool If you love the service, after 500 subscribers, upgrade.

There are variations in the functionality offered depending on the package purchased when you pay for the service. There is a lot of choice within each package, as the total price will depend on the number you plan to address. In the basic plan, for example, you can only use one Conversion Funnel. You will also be limited to transactional emails (only available starting with the Plus package), and an unlimited automation builder (only offered starting with Professional).

GetResponse offers flat-rate pricing which is especially attractive for people who need to send large numbers of messages to small or medium recipients. You can send less emails to a large number of recipients by using other providers.

All subscription packages may be easily adjusted to accommodate the growth of an organization or business. VISIT GETRESPONSE

GetResponse Conclusion

GetResponse impressed with its user-friendliness, customizability. We also liked the extensive statistics and numerous templates for forms, pages, workflows, and forms. This powerful email marketing tool can be used by anyone who wants to stay in touch, even with just 1,000 contacts. It also works well for people who send large volumes of emails and wish to have as many features as they can.

GetResponse clearly has its flaws. You can’t create transactional emails with cheaper packages. While we are not asking for it as a gift, it would be helpful if users could request it as an add-on. Except for a few minor issues that are not worth repeating here, GetResponse is a great choice.




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