Create a Logo Online | Placeit Review: Price, Pros and Cons

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You are looking for the perfect logo to represent your business? A skilled specialist can craft unique and appealing designs. But these types of pros are expensive and, with logo design at the bottom end of the investment priorities list, it is important to find something more cost-effective. You can create your logo online.

Placeit Logo Maker Review | Create a Logo Online

Design Made Easy with Ready-To-Use Templates!

In order to make it easier to create a logo, logo makers use AI as well as pre-made templates. These icons are easy to use, even for those who don't have any design experience. Although these logos don't look as good as the ones created by graphic designers, they cost considerably less and are more unique. Below is a review of Placeit's logo designer. Get Placeit 87% off

What Is Placeit?

Placeit, a mockup- and design template platform similar to Canva, is called. The cloud-based platform can create videos, Instagram stories and t-shirt designs without any need for advanced software or design capabilities.

Placeit offers many tools including a logo creator, which we have reviewed in more detail below.

Pros & Cons


  • Fast and easy logo creation thanks to an editor with drag and drop functionality
  • Subscription includes a wide selection of design and mockup features


  • Unimpressive editing options
  • Lacks ‘smart’, AI-aided customization


As we mentioned, your logo will be sent to you either as a flat fee or as a part of a Placeit Subscription. The latter comes with quite a few other features. We like that you can cancel your subscription at any point (even after one calendar month), without having to lose the rights to the logo. You’d be better off purchasing a subscription, and then cancelling it after one calendar month, than paying the flat fee.

Below, I’ve provided a current overview of Placeit’s pricing:

Create a Logo

It is easy to get started with Placeit. Go to their website, and click “Make a Logo”.

Right up to the point

Next, input the name of your company. The only thing you will be asked is for your branch’s slogan or tagline. Then click on “Let’s Go”. Some logo makers also ask additional questions, such as what fonts you prefer, to help the AI refine its suggestions. Placeit takes you straight to the designs, so it doesn’t bother. This makes Placeit’s logo-search process less smart than other platforms. Get Placeit 87% off

Inaccurate results with no AI

Placeit’s emphasis of templates and lack of AI assisted selection parameters means that the platform’s results can be less personalized than the logo makers we tested, while being more diverse. We were disappointed to see that the second page of results, Technology, was full of logos featuring heart shapes, which is obviously for dating apps.

Icon search to get better results

Clicking “Choose Graphic”, in the drop down menu, will allow you to narrow down your choices. This will allow to locate and select the icon you want to use for Placeit. We tried “software”, “computer” (26 results), and “computer” (15+), as well as a few other keywords. Placeit will use the logo suggestion it comes up with once it has found what it likes. For example, the logo for dating app Placeit’s heart symbol was replaced by a computer. The result may not be visually pleasing, symmetrical, or logical. Get Placeit 87% off

After you are satisfied with the design of your logo, click the button to open the editor and begin the customization process. Read us on Google sites: Click Here

Tedious and underwhelming

Placeit’s logo maker made our first impression not very well. The results were not personalized and, in many cases, didn’t seem to be relevant due to the unstructured template suggestions scheme. It was necessary to refine and filter our search. However, even then, the new icon was just plastered over the existing one. Our experience was further hampered by the poor quality and selections of icons.

Placeit’s Logo Maker is not easy. Should you want to modify the icon of your branch, all logos must be individually loaded again.

Placeit is a versatile and powerful platform. However, the logo maker for Placeit is too cumbersome and disappointing when placed alongside its competitors.

Logo Customization

Placeit’s drag/drop editor makes it easy to modify the logo you choose. The preview of your logo will appear in the center of screen. You can freely move the elements and make them smaller or larger. Get Placeit 87% off

Limited personalization

You can edit the text of your logo by clicking the link to the left. This is primarily about the type and color of your logo. There are hex codes and hundreds upon hundreds of fonts available. You can also rotate text directly in the preview window. Click on “Upload Logo” to upload your image file to add to your logo.

Text opacity and any other characteristics cannot be altered. Either way, individual letters cannot be edited (such as the first initials). The same goes for shadows or other text effects and frames. Generally speaking, customization options for a drag and-drop editor are very limited.

To the right you will find the icon menu. Here you can change the colors of your symbol. You can also add another symbol here, but the editor will not allow more than one symbol to be used in a logo. You can also change the background color.

The menu in the upper right allows you to save a draft of the logo or add it as a favorite. You will need to register on Placeit, log in, or create an account. Click on “Download” when you’re happy with the results.

More form than substance

Placeit’s logo editor is too limited for our liking. While its drag-and-drop capability is commendable, it leaves users with much less than some of Placeit’s competitors. It’s not capable of performing any image-editing or customization beyond the basic customization. Although it is nice that users can upload images or logos, we expect more from modern logo makers, so we are not satisfied with the results. Get Placeit 87% off


After creating your logo, you will have the option to either pay a one time fee or subscribe to the platform to gain access to all of its other features. Whichever option you choose, you will get a high quality PNG file (4000x4000px), along with all commercial and other rights to your logo.

Placeit was created as an alternative to Photoshop and InDesign. You can see the options for downloading logos from Placeit. The options are limited here, however. You can download a PNG version of your logo at 72 DPI, with transparent backgrounds, or you can print a PDF version that is vectored, raster, or both depending on the number of levels. These PDFs are easily scaled to your liking, so they can be used for printing your logo on posters or t-shirts.

Placeit’s logo maker is designed to direct users to its other tools for creating templates and mockups. You won’t have as many logo files as some of its competitors. You will need to create your own PSD and SVG files as well as brand guidelines.

You might be able to sign up for a subscription to continue using Placeit. But, for creative types, we believe it’s more convenient to have all files available in one package.

Help & Support

Placeit’s help center offers video tutorials and FAQs to explain the features and capabilities. However, written articles and guides are not easily found on Placeit’s platform.

As no information is provided about which files are included in subscriptions or flat fees, the company could be more transparent regarding its conditions. The platform’s support staff was not available for further information. We had to ask them directly. Get Placeit 87% off

Placeit’s support staff can be reached by email or via live chat. We wrote during US Business Hours on the latter, but didn’t get an answer until six hour later (via email).

Overall, Placeit is decent. We were unable to get an answer in live chat during US business hours. Also, pricing was not transparent. However, the FAQs are good and the video guides are very helpful.


Placeit is trusted by many as the best mockup platform. Because it allows you to quickly create visual content and requires no design skills, it’s a favorite among many. Placeit is a great option for logo makers, but we are confident you will find more enjoyment with competitors who specialize in that field.

Placeit makes it easy to create a logo. However, Placeit is less customizable than AI-assisted platforms such as Wix and Tailor Brands. We weren’t satisfied with Placeit’s results as much as with its competitors. Therefore, we recommend Placeit as part of a complete branding platform.


Placeit is the most similar platform to Canva out of all the ones we tested, but it does not fare well in the head-tohead comparison. Canva simply is better, whether it comes to the variety of logos available, its editor’s capabilities, or other key areas. It is also significantly more expensive than Placeit.

Get Placeit 87% off




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