DIVI WordPress Theme Review — 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy (2022)

In a Nutshell

This is a real theme that you can use to build your website in WordPress. The Divi theme is one of the most popular themes available today. It gives you a great deal of flexibility to create the site you need with less coding. This makes it easy for those who are new to web design, but also advanced enough for those who know how to code.

The theme is used for business, personal and corporate websites. It offers a clean, yet powerful layout with lots of options to customize your site the way you want it. Divi is Elegant Themes’ flagship theme. This is also the most downloaded WordPress theme. This multipurpose theme is suitable for any type of website you may want to create with WordPress.

Divi has been continuously updated over the years. Divi now features a drag-and-drop page building tool, hundreds upon hundreds of templates, numerous customization options, settings, and many other useful features. It is also very affordable.

Divi certainly looks nice on paper. But, will it be the right theme for your WordPress website? We’ll help answer this question in our Divi review. Divi will allow you to explore the features and the user experience so that you can make an informed choice about whether Divi is the right option for your project.

So let’s get started.

What Is Divi?

Divi WordPress Theme that allows users to build powerful websites without technical skills. This product has been designed and developed to help people create websites easily and efficiently. The product is well-known for its efficiency, customizability, flexibility, and user-friendly interface. Divi is one of the most used WordPress themes available today, in addition to being free to use.

Divi from Elegant Themes, creators of the popular Genesis framework. While it’s easy to install and offers many features, it is not for everyone. If you’re considering Divi as your WordPress choice, make sure you read this article to learn what it does and how to use it.

Divi Pros and Cons


  • Multipurpose theme suitable for any project
  • High-quality editable templates
  • The powerful page builder tool
  • Lots of helpful documentation
  • Good value purchase options


  • Takes time to fully master the page builder
  • This much creative freedom has the potential to be overwhelming
  • No email ticketing support channel (but there is the newly implemented messenger system).

About Divi Theme

Divi was developed by Elegant Themes and is their flagship product. Divi was initially launched in 2013. It has been continuously improved, refined, and improved since then to remain a top-rated option in multipurpose WordPress themes.

The Divi plugin can also be used. This plugin is officially called Divi Builder. It’s also available from Elegant Themes. The plugin allows you to add the Divi theme’s page builder to any WordPress theme. The Divi plugin is not being reviewed in this review.

If you don’t like the review but you already have a Divi theme, you can still access most of the amazing features of Divi, including the page builder, content templates, and split-testing tool. All you need to do is install the Divi Builder plugin.

We will cover the pricing options available for Divi at the conclusion of this review. It is worth noting that the Divi theme, along with the Divi plugin, is sold as a complete package. You don’t have the option of choosing between them. All Elegant Themes products are available for unlimited use on a number of websites, at a very affordable price.

We hope that this clarifies some common questions regarding Divi’s different versions. Let’s now find out how great (or terrible) this theme is!

The Best Features of Divi

Divi is a highly feature-packed WordPress theme. To keep things as concise as possible, we’ve provided a detailed overview of the most important aspects.

Divi High-Quality Content Templates

Divi’s two major highlights are its page builder tool and its template library. Divi Builder is the best tool to help you create a WordPress website from scratch. For everyone else, however, the pre-designed templates will be a major factor in deciding whether you choose this theme.

Divi is the most popular WordPress theme for creating a website. It has the best selection of high-quality templates.

There are templates available for nearly every kind of project. It’s worth looking at the Divi layouts to see what is available.

Divi layout packs are designed to be used with specific types of websites. Some themes offer a collection of templates. These layout packs include templates for the homepage, about, contact, and landing pages. This allows you to quickly start your new website with all of the content you need.

There are many layout packs that you can choose from. Divi lets you choose the template you want to use for your website from any of the available layout packages. These layouts can be edited, so you can use them as a starting point for creating your own custom designs. Or, you can keep them as-is and edit the text and images using the content editor.

DIVI Theme Builder

You’ve probably seen many Divi sites before, but there’s a big difference between them. The successful ones are the ones that build their own brand, one that is well-known and valuable. It’s not easy to do this, but luckily there are tools like DIVI Theme Builder that can help you get started quickly.

Divi Theme builder is an easy to use and intuitive drag and drop page builder. It comes with over a dozen ready-made templates to help you create beautiful, clean, and responsive pages in no time. Divi, formerly Divi from a handful of WordPress users, is an award-winning drag and drop page builder for WordPress. It has won the most number of awards in the page builder category at WordCamps.

Divi Builder is used to create new content designs or make modifications to existing templates. This powerful page-building tool is still in use today, even though it has been updated many times.

Divi Builder lets you create your page layouts with rows and columns. You can then add a variety of useful modules to your layouts. This includes call-to-action buttons, sliders, and video players. Each of these modules can easily be modified to match your website’s design and provide the best appearance for your project.

Divi Pricing

Divi Theme Pricing has now been officially launched. The new pricing system will affect all existing and future Divi themes. This new feature is important for Divi developers because it provides them with much more freedom to tailor the appearance of their themes as well as their pricing models.

Divi is a great WordPress theme that’s affordable, especially when you consider all of the additional products you have access to. Divi is less expensive than other top-selling themes, even those that do not include additional products. So how much does Divi cost?

You have two options when it comes to Divi purchase. The one that gives you lifetime access to all Elegant Themes products including future releases and support, is valid for one year.

  • Yearly Access: $89
  • Lifetime Access: $249

Even though you could opt for yearly access and keep Divi and other products supported after the year ends, you would still be vulnerable to security problems that could arise. However, future updates will fix any such issues.

Additionally, you would miss out on all the new features and improvements made to Divi. This happens regularly. It’s a good financial decision to purchase the $249-lifetime subscription if Divi is something you will use for over 3 years.

Divi and other Elegant Themes products are available for free if you don’t like the idea of paying a lot of money for something you haven’t tried yet.

Important: You get the Divi theme as well as the plugin version at the same time. You also get Bloom for email opt-ins and Monarch to share your content on social media.

Additional Elegant Themes Products are also available!

Divi is not only a Divi theme; you also have access to all Elegant Themes products. The Elegant Themes membership, as of this review, also included:

Extra: Online magazines and blogsTheme For WordPress.

Bloom: An email opt in form plugin that will help you to increase your subscriber lists.

Monarch: A social sharing plugin that can help you increase your shares and followers.

Divi For WordPress

Divi is a powerful and flexible WordPress theme that helps you build an engaging website. It’s the ideal solution for all types of websites, from eCommerce to online stores to media publications and more.

Divi is a WordPress theme that’s been designed to build powerful websites quickly and easily. It comes with a large collection of features, including a huge library of layouts, tools for customizing your website, and much more.

This new version brings many enhancements to Divi, such as the Divi Builder 3D (a simple drag-and-drop builder), better accessibility options, and enhanced WooCommerce compatibility.

Divi for ​WooCommerce

The number of eCommerce websites continues to rise, with 76% of people who buy products online claiming they would like to see more eCommerce options in the future. In order to meet this demand, Woocommerce has launched its first mobile-friendly theme: Divi. It comes with easy to use features that make creating a website easier than ever before.

If you’re a WordPress developer or have an interest in developing eCommerce websites, then you may be looking for the best theme for your needs. While there are many themes out there to choose from, we think that Divi is one of the best WordPress themes available.

Divi is the most powerful and flexible WordPress theme for online stores, agencies, creative teams, freelancers, consultants, photographers, bloggers… You name it! With its powerful components and multiple customization options. Divi offers a rich set of tools that make building your site easy and straightforward.

Today, WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world. As a market leader, they were faced with some of the toughest challenges in their history: scaling, managing growing customer bases, and securing their reputation as one of the industry’s top providers.

The Divi eCommerce template is the best way to build a premium, professional-looking website for your eCommerce business. It combines the easy to use drag and drop interface with a stunning user experience and stunning themes.

Divi Library-Templates

Divi Builder allows you to build completely custom designs. But you don’t have the ability to make them from scratch. Divi has a large library of templates. These pre-made designs are available for import, and can then be 100% customized using the Divi Builder.

Divi currently has more than 1,803 pre-made layouts. These layouts can be divided into 245 layout packages. A “layout package” is a collection of themed templates. A set of templates that can help you build a website for a restaurant, for example.

You can save your own designs to be reused later. You can save individual sections as “Global Modules”, allowing you to reuse one template in many places, and updating all instances by simply editing the template.


Divi can also be transferred easily between WordPress websites because it is extremely portable. Divi offers many great time-saving tools that can improve your workflow, especially if you are planning to create multiple websites.

Ease of Use

The new functionality, power, creativity, and freedom come at a cost. That’s because the learning curve for the new interface is steep. Although the Divi Builder interface is not too bad, it is very different from the default WordPress experience. To get the best out of Divi Builder, you will need a different way to work.

This is normal, though, because you now have so much more functionality. This is important to note, however, because Divi Builder may not allow you to do everything you desire without you spending some time learning the new interface.

Divi Support Center

Divi Support Center, one of the latest additions, is now available.

The support center is located inside the Divi admin menu. It was created to improve the interaction between Elegant Themes staff and customers. The Support Center page has a status report at the top that allows you to check if your host is correctly configured for Divi. You can see that my test WordPress installation required some adjustments in order to run Divi efficiently.

Divi Theme Conclusion

As a WordPress user, you know that it’s important to get the most out of your website. There are thousands of themes and plugins available for you to choose from, but which one is right for you? That’s why we’ve created this blog post to help you make an informed decision when choosing a theme or plugin. To help you out, we have included some helpful information on Divi — including a discount code! If you’re not sure whether Divi is right for your business, use our 40% discount code to save yourself some money.

Divi is a powerful theme that can be used to build any type of WordPress website. You can find a theme that comes with a complete set of templates in the Divi Layout Library.

On the other hand, If you’re looking to create a custom WordPress website from scratch, Divi and its page builder are equipped with the features you’ll need to be able to do this and all without having to alter any code.

Divi can be used by anyone who is somewhere in between and wants access to many editable templates you can customize to your liking.

Divi can be very simple to use. If you really want to get the best out of this theme, however, you will need some time to familiarize yourself with the builder. You can use the pre-built templates if you need your website up and running quickly.

If Divi is not the right theme for your website, you can check out the customer showcase.



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