Freshworks CRM Review: Best email marketing solutions, CRM Tools (2022)

Freshworks CRM Review:

10 Best Features of FreshWorks CRM for Small Businesses

In a Nutshell

Freshworks CRM is an AI-powered customer relations management solution that combines sales, marketing and analytics in one package. Freshworks CRM’s automated email communication tool allows you to customize it to respond to customer interactions and behavior. It helps your business provide personalized engagement throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Freshworks is a cloud-based CRM system that allows you to manage and automate your business processes. The Freshworks dashboard allows you to visualize all of your data in one place, which helps you focus on what’s important and streamline your sales process. But how does it work? This is our Freshworks review of this CRM system that lets you streamline your business processes.

Freshworks CRM Marketing Products at a Look

  • Best for SMBs of various sizes
  • Key uses: Email campaigns, conversion rate optimization
  • Price: From $29 per user per month (or $19 per month for individual user)
  • Free trial (or Guarantee): 21-day free trial

CRM Software Brands

These days, the majority of businesses are using CRM software to run their sales and marketing activities. The thing is, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. To help you find the right fit for your business needs, we’ve put together this list of top CRM software brands.

CRM software helps companies in the sales process by connecting with prospects, customers, and partners. This helps business to establish a deeper relationship with their clients and then offer them products and services that suit their needs. Here is a list of some top CRM software brands that are well-known for their customer support and ease of use.

Direct Email Marketing

Freshworks CRM is a complete tool for automating your email campaigns. This will allow you to create personalized journeys to each customer based their interactions. Freshworks’ email templates are easy to use and the drag-and–drop builder makes it quick and easy to create a new campaigns. Simply add triggers or actions, as well as time delays, to personalize the customer experience.

Freshworks is the leader in email marketing automation for small businesses. Our email software helps business owners and marketers design, schedule, track, and manage email campaigns from a single platform. Freshworks does all the work so you can focus on running your business.

We all know that email marketing can be a lucrative way to build your business. It’s also one of the most widely used marketing channels, with 90% of B2B marketers currently using it. With that in mind, we’ve created this guide to help you find success with your own email marketing campaigns.

Here are some examples to show you the different types of email campaigns that Freshworks can create.

  • Welcome campaigns for new contacts
  • Nurture campaigns for users following interaction with your website
  • Re-engagement campaigns for idle contacts
  • Upsell or upgrade campaigns based on past purchases
  • Customer satisfaction surveys x number of days after first customer engagement
  • Auto responses to customer queries on your website
  • Timed reminder emails following cart abandonment
  • Purchase or renewal reminders toward end of a billing cycle

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a suite of tools used to manage customer interactions. It helps organizations manage their relationships with customers, clients, and employees. The benefits of CRM include better service delivery, increased revenue, and improved customer satisfaction.

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks has been changing the way companies interact with their customers for the past 11 years. With a focus on simplifying and automating customer communication, Freshworks CRM is the largest software company in Canada by revenue and the #1 CRM solution for mid-sized businesses. Freshworks is a CRM that allows businesses to better manage their customer relations. Freshworks offers customers a software that helps with customer service, sales, and marketing by giving them the ability to call and chat with customers directly from their phone.

Digital Marketing Includes

Freshworks CRM provides a variety of tools that can be used to enhance your digital marketing campaigns, and increase conversion rates for your website. You can segment users by their behavior, demography, or geography using the customer segmentation tool. You can create segments of contacts that have already entered, exited or are engaged in existing automated journeys.

Freshworks offers a brand new feature, the conversion rate optimizing tool. Here are some examples of what this tool can do:

  • Visualize what visitors are doing across your website with heatmaps
  • Get a video replay of visitor actions on your site
  • Identify missed conversion opportunities by tracing the path visitors take on your site
  • Experiment and identify conversion hotspots on your website with A/B testing and split testing
  • Hold visitors’ attention by keeping them engaged with well-timed triggering messages such as polls and surveys

Freshworks Email Marketing

We’ve seen a shift in the email marketing industry over the past several years. In fact, today many marketers have discovered that it’s possible to reach customers at a lower cost than traditional methods. Our Freshworks product is an email marketing platform that gives you complete control over your customer interactions. We help you make smarter decisions about your emails, and we can also automate some of your business processes.

From a blank slate, Freshworks has built a company that has received over $200 million in funding and expanded to 150 cities worldwide. And for the past few years, we’ve spent more than half of our time focused on email marketing and automation. We’re not done yet: we’re constantly innovating and adding new features to help you run your business more efficiently.

CRM Tools

Freshworks CRM offers the best of both worlds: it allows you to run your business and manage your customers’ accounts all in one place. The Freshworks interface is intuitive, easy to use, and a breeze to customize to meet your needs.

Freshworks provides marketing automation tools that are built on the foundation of the traditional sales pipeline. This means you can connect leads, customers, and prospects all in one place. With Freshworks CRM you can schedule automated follow-up emails, set up auto-responders for your customers to help drive conversations with them and manage lead management from a single dashboard.


All Enterprise and Pro subscribers have access to Freddy, an AI-powered assistant with multi-skilled chatbots. Freddy AI automates chat conversation on your website. It reduces response time, allows you to interact with prospects proactively, and can even book meetings on your sales team’s calendar. Freddy chatbots can be trained to answer common questions and understand different question types.

Lead Generation

Freddy AI allows you to set-up custom bots on any website. This is useful for collecting leads. Freddy AI creates chat messages that automatically collect visitor information from multiple sessions. This information is used to provide relevant information and increase user interest. Freddy’s many abilities include predictive contact score, which looks at historical data and assigns an individual score to each user. This allows users to be more focused on the best leads.

Live Chat Software

All Freshworks CRM plans offer live chat and Facebook Messenger. However, the more expensive plans can also include WhatsApp or Apple Business chat. Freshworks integrates all the different channels into a single chat widget. This makes it easy for sales and marketing teams manage Messenger, WhatsApp and website conversations from one place. Freshworks lets you set rules for each chat to be automatically assigned to the appropriate team. Freshworks lets you set response expectations and prevent messages from triggering outside of business hours. You can also create canned responses. You can also set up auto-resolve chats for users who have gone offline.

Freshworks CRM Pricing

Freshworks CRM comes in three price levels: Pro, Growth, and Enterprise. All plans are priced per month per user and billed annually. A fixed monthly price can be paid for individual users to purchase the marketing tools only (without sales tools). All plans include email advertising tools, Freshdesk integration, and Freshworks marketplace apps.

Customer Service

Freshworks CRM offers a wealth of knowledge and how-to guides for almost every feature. It has 25 articles about marketing emails. These include “How to create and manage marketing segments in Freshworks CRM”, “How do you personalize your marketing campaign for different audiences”, and “How can I stop an ongoing journey.” It is strange that Freshworks CRM does not offer live chat support.



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