HostGator Review: The Best WordPress Hosting Company (2022)

HostGator: The Best WordPress Hosting Company

Web hosting that scales from easy to expert

In A Nutshell

HostGator is one of the leading web hosting companies on the market. HostGator offers a full range of services, including their business hosting plans, which are especially popular among small businesses. They offer a variety of services for both personal and business websites, such as website hosting, domain registration, email hosting, website management tools, web security solutions, and much more. Their high-quality services are backed by 24/7 customer support.

All the time new web hosting services and plans are introduced, even established businesses lose some of their personal touches. We would not have given our opinion about this web host if they had asked us several years ago. But, we reviewed their most recent cloud hosting plans and found that HostGator WordPress has turned the tables.

HostGator is a niche hosting company that has been in the industry for over 20 years. They provide web hosting and dedicated server solutions, as well as managed WordPress hosting, so you can focus on running your website instead of worrying about the infrastructure behind it.

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All things considered, HostGator remains one of the top providers in the industry. It has an outstanding track record, having hosted more than three million websites since it was founded in 2002.

With all the competition out there today, it is important to have a web hosting service that stands out from the rest. Hostgator has created a winning formula for website owners looking for their perfect web host: low prices and unlimited bandwidth.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert web developer, Hostgator offers the perfect choice for your website. Its shared hosting services have been a huge success in the market and provide reliable tools to create your website.

We’ll be discussing what makes this product stand out from other HostGator hosting plans. Also, how it performs when rating across a variety of criteria. Let’s begin this HostGator review of WordPress.

Benefits of HostGator Hosting

High uptimes and fast load times

Uptime and page loading speed are important metrics when evaluating the performance of a website hosting service. Let’s look at the performance of a HostGator Cloud-tested website.

HostGator Cloud maintained a 99.995% uptime rate over the six-month period. This is as extraordinary as it gets. The table shows that page loading speeds fluctuate quite a lot over the past year. The average monthly response time was 280 milliseconds.

The slowest was 736 milliseconds. However, in 2019, the average response time is 514ms. It’s not the fastest loading speed we’ve ever seen. It’s still fast and not the slowest. These numbers show that I don’t think you will be disappointed by your uptimes and loading speeds if you choose to use a HostGator cloud hosting plan.

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User Friendly

HostGator Cloud has a simple interface. It’s great for beginners as well as those with more experience with Webhosting. Cloud plans enable you to easily allocate resources when you experience traffic spikes. It’s not possible to do this with their other plans.

They would force you to upgrade whenever you reach resource limitations. Even if it’s your first time doing this, it is simple to use. HostGator Cloud has a user-friendly interface. You won’t have any outrageous pricing worries.

HostGator Cloud plans won’t surprise you with monthly overage costs if you exceed your plan limit. This is a problem with all other web hosting packages.

HostGator Performance

HostGator offers its customers a very competitive hosting package and a variety of services to make their online presence better. We are proud to share that we have been recognized for many awards and achievements throughout the years.

One of the most popular and trusted hosting companies on the web, HostGator has a history of excellence when it comes to hosting performance. We’ve taken a look at their data and found that they actually meet or exceed most major competitors on metrics like uptime, support tickets, page speed, and more.

HostGator offers cloud hosting that is up to 2.5x faster than other competitors thanks to custom CDN solutions and low-density servers.

They also allow users to easily scale their cloud settings in one click, so they can deal with unexpected traffic spikes.

HostGator, despite being the largest provider of web hosting services, only has data centers at two locations.

  • Provo, UT.
  • Houston, TX.

HostGator Pricing

HostGator is a managed WordPress hosting provider that offers the lowest prices, as we’ve already said. There are the 3 plans that are on the list.

  • Starter ($5.95 per month): You can host one website with up to 100k visitors per month using this plan. This plan is ideal for small service and blog websites.
  • Standard ($7.95 per month): The standard plan hosts two websites and can support up to 200k combined visitors per month. It should be sufficient for small service sites or eCommerce platforms.
  • Business ($9.95 per month): This plan is great for big e-commerce sites as well as established businesses. You can have up to three websites hosted on it and you can receive 500k monthly visitors.

We already mentioned the fact that HostGator doesn’t have many WordPress-specific tools. It is still true that this provider does not offer all the features you need, but it also offers great value. We believe this makes up for the shortcoming. These prices may have been correct at the time this article was written. HostGator may alter them.

HostGator Shared Hosting Plans

HostGator offers many hosting plans. You can choose from eight different hosting plans with different pricing.

Shared Hosting: This is HostGator’s most affordable hosting plan. It starts at $2.75/month with the current discount. Just like the name implies, shared hosting allows you to share a server with other websites that are similar in size. If your website doesn’t need too much power and you don’t expect a lot of traffic, shared hosting can be a good option.

HostGator VPS Plans

HostGator VPS Plans are simple and effective, ideal for companies of all sizes looking to get their websites up and running. With HostGator, you can experience up to 99.9% network uptime and a fast, reliable dedicated server solution with easy-to-use features.

Choosing the right hosting provider can be confusing. HostGator is a US-based hosting company that offers reliable VPS and dedicated server solutions, including hosting, reseller, and cloud solutions. They’re one of the most popular web hosts on the market today, with over 150 thousand customers in over 60 countries worldwide.

With a variety of hosting plans from $23.95/month to $59.95/month, you can find something that fits your needs and budget.

HostGator pros and cons

We have covered a lot of information. Let’s take some time to discuss some key takeaways.


  • HostGator has a support team that is available 24/7 and offers reasonable service, despite not being particularly knowledgeable about WordPress.
  • They provide temporary scaling options which can be used to handle traffic spikes and are great for those who don’t want to upgrade.
  • HostGator will help you migrate your WordPress site.
  • Every plan includes access to a global CDN as well as a free SSL certificate.
  • It’s Super Fast


  • The managed-WordPress plans they offer are not as rich in advanced WordPress-specific features.

Overall, HostGator has made remarkable strides in improving WordPress hosting services. We are excited to see if the trend continues.

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HostGator Key Features

HostGator offers several hosting plans. Therefore, the exact features you’ll receive will depend on the plan that you sign up for. You have options for shared hosting as well as cloud web hosting that is affordable and dedicated to WordPress hosting.

HostGator has provided us with their cheap cloud hosting plans. These offer superior performance for a lower price than the shared ones. HostGator’s best-selling cloud plan is the cheap one. This is because it’s hard to find cloud hosting at this price (unless you are using an unmanaged server, which requires technical knowledge).

The shared hosting plans also include all the features you would expect, plus some additional benefits.

You get the following features with your cloud hosting plan:

  • Unlimited websites (except the cheapest).
  • Clear limits on CPU cores, memory, and other resources (this makes it stronger than shared hosting) — you will know exactly how much your hosting has.
  • Unmetered bandwidth and storage.
  • Performance-enhancing built-in caching
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • cPanel dashboard
  • Unlimited email address.

You might also consider the dedicated WordPress plans if you use WordPress. These plans include cloud hosting, but also offer WordPress-specific features like:

  • Pre-installed WordPress.
  • Security rules and malware scans.
  • Auto backups.
  • A better uptime guarantee (99.9% vs 99% on the Other plans).

HostGator for business

HostGator can be used for small businesses ‘ web hosting. It also offers many options for scalability for business including cloud, dedicated, and reseller hosting. Shared hosting can be too limited when your website becomes popular or you need to host clients’ websites as a programmer or agency.

HostGator website builder

HostGator website builder helps you build and manage your website from scratch. You can create a one-page website or a complete eCommerce store, choose the look and feel of your site, add content, and manage your customers with HostGator tools.

It offers a variety of tools to create stunning websites, from scratch or from existing themes. With this tool, it’s easy to build your own customized website with one-click ease. Whether you are looking to launch a new business or expand your current online presence, HostGator has the tools you need to get started today.

This website builder gives you the tools to build and host your site from a single platform. It has many features that allow you to customize your site and use a drag-and-drop interface. If you want to build your own website, it is possible using HostGator Website Builder.

HostGator Support options

Our HostGator WordPress hosting review continues with the support features. You can contact HostGator’s support team via phone, email, or live chat. (We’d love to hear from anyone who has taken up that option).

Their support staff is always available, as we were able to testify when we reached them on Thursday and Saturday. We waited six minutes for our first call and waited ten minutes for our second. Although their support staff were somewhat tentative in their responses to WordPress questions, they did provide some guidance and pointed us to the right resources.

Money-Back Guarantee

HostGator has so high a level of confidence in their service that they have extended their industry-average 30-day policy to 45 days.

They can be used for more than a month and your purchase price will be refunded if you have any issues.

This guarantee covers all shared, reseller, VPS, and VPS hosting packages.

This does not apply to HostGator’s dedicated server, administrative fees, or install fees for custom-made software. These caveats are quite common in the hosting industry, as we have scanned through many Terms of Service documents.

If your plan included a domain name for free, they will deduct a $15.00 standard fee from the refund amount. A few additional points are worth mentioning.

HostGator’s Terms allow them to issue refunds within 90 days. Checks, money orders, Western Union payments, and bank wire transfers are not eligible for refunds.

Refunds cannot be given for accounts or plans that have changed. If you have already signed up for one and want to cancel it, there is no refund. Last but not least, foreign currency reimbursements are processed according to the U.S. dollar exchange rates.

HostGator Conclusion

Choosing the right web hosting service is not an easy task. So many factors need to be considered, such as performance, speed, and storage.

HostGator is a well-known hosting company that provides reliable and secure web hosting services to their customers. Their 24/7 customer support service, their multiple server locations and the number of features that they offer are the major reasons why their customers keep coming back for more.

It is essential to choose the right web hosting provider for your site. Although this web host was once associated with poor service, the HostGator WordPress hosting review shows a dramatic turnaround. If you are still hesitant about signing up for HostGator’s WordPress hosting service, take a look at our other reviews to see if there is a better choice.

HostGator: Should you use it in 2022 and beyond?

It all depends on your needs and whether HostGator is the right host for you. Let’s discuss when HostGator is best for you, and when you should choose a different host ( with some suggestions).

If HostGator Use:

HostGator is a great option for those looking for affordable hosting. HostGator is one of the most affordable web hosts. It offers both the lowest prices and the best resources. Cloud hosting is a more expensive option than most hosts.

HostGator is a good choice if you have low-traffic sites. It allows unlimited storage and websites. HostGator also offers a monthly payment option, which allows you to avoid large upfront costs but still gets you the best pricing.

If Another Hosting Choose

HostGator might not be the best host if support and performance are important to you. HostGator is not the best option if you are looking for exceptional support and a site that loads quickly and can handle large traffic.

These are some suggestions for improved performance and/or support:



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