Omnisend review: Top Rated Email Marketing Platform: Price, Pros and Cons (2022)

Omnisend Review: January 2022

Email Marketing Made Easy

In a Nutshell

Omnisend, an email marketing platform, was launched in 2014. The platform allows users to create highly customized campaigns using a variety of professionally designed templates as well as an easy-to-use email builder. It integrates seamlessly with many e-commerce websites so that you can create discount codes and showcase your latest products. Automated workflows can be set up for order updates, A/B testing and abandoned cart recovery.

Pros and Cons

Omnisend Pros

  • In-depth customer segmentation
  • Easy to create automated workflows
  • Feature products from an online store

Omnisend Cons

  • SMS messages cost extra
  • No email themes around holiday marketing

Why Choose Omnisend Platform?

Omnisend stands apart among email marketing platforms due to the simplicity of its campaign design tools. The email template selections are extensive and professional. You can also customize the design of your email by choosing from many different templates. Drag-and–drop email builder allows you to customize colors, fonts, images and other elements.

The product picker in the email builder allows you to add any item to your campaign from your online store. All images, text, links, and text will be automatically transferred to your email campaign by clicking on the product in the storefront.

The discount code creator is another important feature. Omnisend makes it easy to create discount codes that are personalized for each recipient of your email. This allows you to easily see who is responding to your campaigns. Omnisend is compatible with all e-commerce platforms. This allows you to create these discount programs directly on your store’s backend.

Automated workflows are another key selling point of the platform. There are pre-made workflows available for abandoned cart recovery or A/B testing. However, you can create your own automation to target customers depending on their interactions with your business. It’s easy to create complex workflows using the visual builder.

Standard Features:

Email Builder: Omnisend’s drag and drop campaign builder allows you to have complete control over your email campaigns. In just a few clicks, you can change the layout and subject line as well as add products or personalized discount codes.

Visuals Workflows: Omnisend includes pre-made automation as well as an intuitive visual editor that allows you to easily add triggers and actions. The editor is particularly useful for creating welcome messages to new subscribers or personalizing product recommendations.

Pop-up and Forms: Omnisend’s form builders and popups can be used to generate leads and encourage customers to make a purchase.

SMS Marketing: Omnisend can support SMS campaigns as well as email campaigns. Any automated workflow can incorporate SMS campaigns.

Customer Segmentation: You can segment customers according to their demographics and purchase history. Omnisend offers the ability to set up custom filters to control customer segments.

Analytics: You can see the overall revenue generated by your marketing efforts and also the performance of each individual campaign. It is possible to also compare your performance to that of others by using benchmarks.


Omnisend offers many templates for email campaigns and nearly a dozen workflow templates. The templates for email campaigns are well-designed and easily customizable using the drag-and-drop campaign builder. You can also customize workflow templates using the visual workflow editor.

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend has flexible pricing. It is based on what features you require and how large your contact list. While the Free plan does not offer customer support, automated workflows, A/B testing or customer support, you can send up 6,000 emails per month. Standard plans start at $16 per monthly for up to 6,000 email and include workflows. You’ll need to pay $0.015 extra per SMS message within the US if you wish to create an SMS campaign.

Omnisend Shopify Integrations

Shopify Plus stores can be integrated with Omnisend for personalized customer experiences. This will help you grow your business. Our powerful automation features for e-commerce enable you to engage your customers with targeted email newsletters and SMS campaigns.

Omnichannel marketing is real. Combine email and SMS to drive 2.9x higher conversions. Pre-built automation workflows, including SMS and email, are popular so that you can quickly set up order confirmation, cart abandonment, welcome, order, shipping confirmation, and other workflows.

Omnisend WooCommerce Integrations

Integrate your WooCommerce shop with Omnisend to create personalized customer experiences that increase your sales. Use our powerful automation tools to increase revenue and engage your customers through targeted email newsletters and SMS campaigns.

You can combine email, SMS, and other channels to offer your customers a personalized omnichannel experience. All this while only using one marketing platform. Pre-built automation workflows that combine multiple channels are our most popular. You can create cart abandonment, welcome, order confirmation, shipping confirmation, and many other workflows in minutes.

Ease of Use

Omnisend was extremely simple to use. The online dashboard displays a snapshot of your revenue, as well the performance of current campaigns. It is easy to create new campaigns or workflows or dive deeper into analytics.

The workflow and email builders are intuitive and easy to use. We also loved the drag and drop interface. Any of these tools can be used by beginners in marketing. Because there aren’t any recommendations about which filters to connect, it is a good idea to have some experience with segmentation and analysis before diving in. omnisend email marketing

Omnisend offers several videos to explain the basics of its software, which can be helpful for new users. You can also access the online knowledge base to learn all about the platform’s features.

Omnisend Customer Service

Omnisend provides 24/7 customer service via email and live chat to paid customers. We were able to reach an agent via live chat within minutes.

Bottom Line

Omnisend is an excellent email marketing platform. It makes it easy to set up automations and campaigns. Even for beginners, the drag-and-drop email editor and visual workflow builders tools are easy to use. Omnisend allows for a high level of personalization.

Omnisend is a great platform for online store owners, as it offers many features that can be integrated with your storefront. For example, you can create discount codes instantly for every email or segment customers based upon what they have purchased from your website in the past. Omnisend’s analytics tools allow you to easily track the revenue generated by your marketing efforts.



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