The Most Popular Scott Cheap Flight Deals Today

The Most Popular Scott Cheap Flight Deals Today

Air tickets take a good chunk out of a traveler’s budget. So, whether you are a thrifty traveler or not, good flight discounts can easily seem like a huge steal. They are also an addiction that tempts you to keep traveling to new places! Enter Scotts Cheap Flights.

It is not easy finding cheap airline tickets, that was until I found out about Scott’s Cheap Flights. In a nutshell, Scott’s Cheap Flights is a service that seeks out super cheap flights/mistake fares and emails them to you.

The website states that you save an average of $607 per ticket, which got me interested instantly.

Is Scott’s Cheap Flights Worth It?

Air tickets take a good chunk out of a traveler’s budget. So whether you’re a thrifty traveler or not, good flight discounts are a huge steal that tempt you to keep traveling to new places!

But as cheap airline tickets can sprout from anywhere, you need to search the web regularly for impressive offers that come your way. Yes, that doesn’t sound as interesting as the deals.

Thankfully we have Scott’s Cheap Flights, who are ready to do the hard work and bring massive deals to your inbox. Scott’s Cheap Flights and other travel deal sites help you sit & relax or do your thing until a good deal pops in for you to pack your bags and run.

But is Scott’s Cheap Flights legitimate? They brag about finding dirt-cheap flight deals for its subscribers, so we wanted to dig in further. Read our Scott’s Cheap Flights review to find out everything you need to know to get the most out of the service!

What is Scott’s Cheap Flights?

Scott’s Cheap Flights is an email subscription service that alerts you of flight deals available to both local and international destinations. It is owned and run by Scott Keyes, a man who doesn’t rest until he has found a good list of airfare deals for the day.

The service is primarily geared towards people based in the U.S, although there are no location restrictions to use it. At present, they have over 2 million subscribers. Scott’s Cheap Flights consists of a small team that researches and tracks cheap ticket deals every day and then sends them to their subscribers.

They scour the web for airline offers, travel-agency promotions and mistake fares. Of course, deals that come to your inbox are said to be “pre-vetted” to ensure they are legit, useful and worth a small dance maybe?

How Much Is Scott’s Cheap Flights?

The free version of Scott’s Cheap Flights doesn’t cost anything and still alerts you to deals for international flights for economy only.

First of all, if you don’t travel regularly or want to test how the service works, we recommend you sign up for a free subscription. You can always check the website frequently for great flight deals even with a free membership!

Their paid services are split into two types: Premium and Elite.

How Much Is Scott’s Cheap Flights Premium?

The first tier of the paid subscription is the Premium membership. Scott’s Cheap Flights Premium costs $49 per year and you can cancel at any time. You also have the option of signing up for a quarterly or semi-annual fee.

With Scott’s Cheap Flights Premium, you also get alerts about deals for domestic flights in economy plus mistake fares.

How Much Is Scott’s Cheap Flights Elite?

If you fly regularly and are looking for options other than flying economy, then the Scott’s Cheap Flights Elite membership is for you. These memberships cost $199 per year and offer deals that extend up to business and first-class flights.

If you plan on upgrading to the Elite membership from the Premium, Scott’s Cheap Flights automatically transfers your remaining Premium membership fees into the Elite program so that you won’t have to worry about dealing with customer service to get that transferred over.


I’m really loving Scott’s Cheap Flights and I love getting emails just about every day with a great deals. I’m signed up for the Premium version and unlike other sites, Scott’s Cheap Flights don’t get any commission if you book a flight. As a result, they only send out genuinely good deals.

Signing up for the free version instantly gives you access to flight deals. Click Here to learn out more and to sign up!



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